Investment Criteria

Compact Power Equipment Centers LLC

Name: Compact Power Equipment Centers LLC Website: Investment Status: Previous Investment Amount: $5,500,000 Type of Investment: Subordinat...

More Portfolio Companies

Investment Objectives:

Banyan expects to form a close working partnership with each portfolio company’s management team with the ultimate goal of enhancing each company’s enterprise value. Our belief is that our capital commitment combined with our financial and operational expertise will provide each of our portfolio companies with a significant competitive advantage.

Investment Criteria:

The Fund seeks investment candidates that have the following:

  • Companies with revenues generally greater than $5 million
  • Experienced management teams with meaningful ownership interests
  • Historical and sustainable high margin cash flow, with minimal cyclicality
  • Solid industry fundamentals with favorable prospects combined with a defensible market position
  • Effective financial controls and information systems
  • Private and public companies
  • No real estate development, oil and gas exploration, direct lenders, start-ups or turn-around situations.
  • The Fund will primarily pursue investment opportunities in the Southeastern United States, with particular emphasis placed on Florida, although we will also invest in opportunities outside the Southeast. In fact, several investments are diversified geographically from Southern California to Texas to Pennsylvania.